To Choose a Flex:           We will assist you.

The flexes below  (e~MAX) are based on the spring constant of the ski when it is suspended at its forward and rear contact points (157cm pt to pt.)   The spring constant is given in Newtons per cm of flex or N/cm.   As a reference, a standard length K2 AK Launcher, or MOD-X has a spring constant when suspended at its contact points of about 34 N/cm.

Additionally, the ODYSSEY e~MAX 177 is approx. 15% stiffer in the tail than the forward portion of the ski for added edging and stopping power.

Factor in your skill level, and how aggressive your style of skiing is.   If you are an aggressive skier, advanced or expert, choose a flex where your weight matches the low end of the flex weight range.   If you are a less aggressive skier, or intermediate to advanced skill level, choose a flex where your weight lies in the high end of the weight range given.


FLEX TABLE - e~MAX 177cm

Flex  1

34 N/cm

130-160 lbs

Flex  2

37 N/cm

155-185 lbs

Flex  3 

41 N/cm

180-210 lbs

Flex  4

45+ N/cm

210-240 lbs

Flex  5

48+ N/cm

240-280 lbs

Flex  6

52 N/cm

280 lbs - up

Example #1:
You weight 160 lbs, are an aggressive, expert skier, you'd need Flex #2.

Example #2:
You weight 210 lbs, are not an aggressive skier, but are advanced in skill level, you'd need flex #3.

These are just examples for when your weight lies right between two flexes, otherwise, your weight is the most important determining factor.

Here's Why:
Two different weight skiers, applying the same amount of G-forces, are going to decamber (deflect) their respective skis during a carved turn, speed check or stop, differently if they are both skiing on the same length and flex of ski.  One of them is going to be short changed.  Either the lighter weight skier is going to have balanced edging power while the heavier skier does not have enough edging power, or...the heavier skier has an adequate amount of edging power, and the lighter skier has too much power and edge to control.

Bizarre as this may sound, this is exactly the dilemma faced by any skier trying to choose a ski of his or her preferred length manufactured by any of the big manufacturers.  Of course, if you are an aggressive advanced or expert skier and weigh over 190 lbs, there are no mid-fats under 185cm flexed for your weight offered by any of the big manufacturers.  This is a shame because this is the prime efficiency performance area.  So you now have an option to purchase a pair ODYSSEYS custom flexed just for you.









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