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Fat & Powder Skis   - CLOSEOUT


As promised FAT SKIS and SUPER FAT SKIS or POWDER SKIS for the experts that must have more F U N.

I am an expert skier with great instinct to what makes skis perform.   I also have the ability to prototype skis and adjust the design for different performance, without committee approval.  These skis are made for the advanced and expert skiers that have a quiver of skis for different snow conditions.
I have made molds for ten different FAT SKIS and SUPER FAT SKIS or call them POWDER SKIS, and can custom the flex for the skier if necessary.    A brief description accompanies each Ogre to help you decide what is the right  SKI  for you.   I am on a quest to find out just how fat is too fat...   Come along for the journey.
My Ogres are made with top quality materials that are available to the small manufacturer.  The topsheet is as durable as the base material that is 4001 grade p-tex and can be repaired in the same fashion.   I hand make each core for my skis.   The edges are hardened to Rockwell 48 and sand blasted and finished for durable wear.  What about the graphics?  To save on price and time I have embossed my molds with the graphics and after the ski is tuned some are hand inked.   
All you have to do is decide which performance you are seeking for your particular needs.   Your skis will be shipped to you the next business day and soon you will be flying on your new Ogres.

Ogre II  -  184cm
Dimensions:  180.5 X 171.5 X 123 X 143.5 X 146mm
Radius  18 meter,  Bottom surface area 2,630cm

The Ogre II has a good all-around performance in powder, prefers deeper, (over 6"), good in trees, pivots easily, turns a bit quicker than Ogre I, and planes up quicker than Ogre I.  Has anti-dive large surface area tip .  Also graduated tip flex, firm tail for power and braking and loves packed powder, corduroy, and handles groomed outruns well, but doesn't like ice.

color - new skis are black topsheet and red base, FLAT

$620.00  MSRP
19 years and thousands of pairs of ski manufacturing and we have yet to have a pair returned for defects.


Ogre IV - 202.5cm
Dimensions - 133 X 126.5 X 92.5 X 113 X 113mm
Radius - 28.74 meters,  Bottom surface area  2,155cm

The Ogre IV is a mid fat cruiser ski.   It likes cruising groomers, packed powder, and corduroy at speed.  This ski is for experts or very athletic advanced skiers looking to move up to expert.  It has a semi-graduated tip flex for forgiveness with a firm tail for power and favors a more tail-weighted skiing style.

color - topsheet black, base orange  FLAT

SOLD OUT  $290.00     
19 years and thousands of pairs of ski manufacturing and we have yet to have a pair returned for defects.


Ogre V - 204.5cm
Dimensions - 155.5 X 148 X 115.5 X 137 X 138.5mm
Radius - 29 meters,  Bottom surface area  2,680cm

Ogre V is a high speed cruising ski for powder, mostly wide-open glades, bowls, and shallow or deep powder.  Very stable at speed, more for carving turns than buttering.  It has an anti-dive graduated tip flex and firm tail.  It likes corduroy, packed powder if not too steep and handles groomed outuns well.   Advanced athletic or experts not afraid of speed will love this ski.  Center or offsetting bindings 10mm to the inside edge.

color -  black top and orange base, FLAT
$675.00  MSRP
19 years and thousands of pairs of ski manufacturing and we have yet to have a pair returned for defects.


Ogre 8 -  186cm
Dimensions - e.c.l. 152cm
                     203.5 X 190.5 X 130 X 158.5 X 164mm
Radius - 13 meters,  Bottom surface area 2,918cm

Ogre 8  - This ski loves powders, 6" or more.  The oversized anti-dive tip and short turn radius makes skiing the trees almost effortless on a day where the glades are skied out.  The firm tail makes this ski stable at speed in the wide open also.  Center mounting for bindings can be used.  ( My personal set-up (shown) that I like on this ski is 1/4" offset plus 5 degree tow-out; I find makes the groomed outruns easier to ski (uphill & downhill edges more balanced power distribution.).
color - black tops, base red/orange 
$795.00 MSRP
contact for availability
19 years and thousands of pairs of ski manufacturing and we have yet to have a pair returned for defects.




Ogre X-  204cm
Dimensions - 210 X 200 X 136 X 165 X 167mm
Radius - 16.5 meters,  Bottom surface area 3,309cm

Ogre X  -  This is my new go-to ski for everyday powder skiing.  With a longer length and under-foot width than the OGRE VIII  it is relatively easy to do snowboard style slash turns and butter turns even if you are well over 200#'s (like me!)..  Your skiing style options are only limited by your imagination, and how willing you are to try something a bit out of your comfort zone, ie. if your style is a more traditional up-down pumping it weighting/unweighting mode;  the traditional style will work with this ski, but pointing them, arching them with a little torquing works well too.   My personal set-up (shown) on these skis is 1/4" offset, 5 degrees tow out, which gives me both uphill and downhill edging leverage on he groomed outruns.  A 1/2: parallel offset can also be used if you are unsure of your "natural stance", or how much toe out angle would be appropriate for you personally, or of course you can stay with a standard center mount.
color - top black, base red/orange
$795.00 MSRP  SOLD OUT      


My preference is off setting your binding for better performance.  There is a debate on this subject but I have found that the benefits are well worth the effort it takes to doing it.   I strongly recommend offsetting your bindings 13mm toward the inside edges of your skis in all the Ogres except the Ogre IV which I offset 6mm because of the 93mm waist width.
Positive benefits from offsetting - added edging power on downhill ski, useful for edging and braking on groomer runouts back to lifts.  I feel it makes the ski converge much easier to control and react against than neutral weighted mounting.  I believe the skier will have constant slight pressure outward with the same large leg muscle groups that are already in use while skiing, having a faster reaction time to changes in terrain because your inside edges are already slightly pressured.  The amount of extra pressure created by the extra offset is slight, but just enough to give you that little extra reaction time control.

Downside to offsetting -  You might feel too much weight on your uphill ski on the groomed outruns.  This offsetting will be needed until such time as boot makers and binding makers catch up with modern shaped ski waist width. 
"TOE-OUT" -  Additional discussion of "duckfoot" stance on another page... 

Graduating tip flex - All the Ogres have a shovel flex that graduates from a very soft to medium flex in the first 30cm, creating the anti-dive tip characterictic engineered into all of the SUPER WIDE SKIS.   This flex profile is also engineered into the cruising model for forgiveness and anti-hooking in turn initiation. 

Torsional Stillness - All the Ogres have moderate torsional stiffness so that they will not get locked into a carve in the groomed runouts, and also for ease in rotating the skis when "buttering" a turn.

Base edge bevel -  The 2 degree base side extended bevel helps prevent catching an edge when scubbing speed during a turn, and eliminates a lot of the unweighting usually necessary for turn initiation.