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Greetings Fellow Skiers and Powder Hounds,

I have been an avid skier all my life.  Plagued with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome I was motivated to find a method to continue my "love affair" with skiing.    I discovered that shortening my skis, making them wider, and adding a sidecut like a snowboard, gave me the energy boost of a good drug, giving me the ability to continue my "love affair" with skiing.   A lightbulb moment that I have shared with the ski industry and you.  

I have been bringing you Wide Short Shaped Skis since June of 1992 (MAX F/X), before any other manufacturer even had a shaped ski on the drawing board.   No one was incorporating sidecut to ski design in the 90’s.   I filed for a patent on the Wide Short Ski in August of 1991, and introduced the industry to sidecuts by making ten different versions, and was granted a patent in Feb. 1997.    During these years I also OEM manufactured skiboards for Microski, Canon Skiboards, Summit Skiboards, Klimax, Boogie Boards out of Japan, and some of my own skiboards called Dragonflys.   Since 1997 I produced many varieties of my E/Max until all the manufacturers were producing enough that I could make royalties from the design.

I have done battle to defend my patent, concluded in losing my patent in Feb. 2009, against a high powered legal team hired by K2.   To learn the lengthy details of that journey, visit the Untold Odyssey page on this website.

The snow continues to fall.

I have continued to find more ways to contribute to those of us with a skiing and powder addiction.   In the past five years I have developed nine different models of super wide powder skis.
These powder skis contain the sidecut formula for great turning performance, as well as width for flotation, length for speed, and flex for stability, and finally a flat camber to allow the skis to plane more easily.     All that is left is for you to determine just what powder conditions it is you want to ski.   What ski is missing from your quiver?


Read some of the comments from OGRE owners on the Testimonials page and then take a visit to the Super Fat Skis.


I have done my best to continue my quest to bring smiles to the faces of those of you that find your life joy flying through the white fluff with the wind in your face, but my journey has come to an end.  There are now so many companies making my  original  skis and those that have discovered the joy of the fat ski that it makes no financial sense for me to continue to try to compete any longer.   My equipment, press, molds, and sander are SOLD .     Keep those sticks on the snow.  I enjoyed the journey and turn my creative energies elsewhere.

Paul Nelson 


COMING SOON-   Proof of the shaped ski History through published matter starting in 1991.  Ski History seems to rewrite itself but I will bring the evidence that shows the real story.   


Paul Nelson

Our Goals

  • To  promote new and innovative ski designs for the enjoyment of those that seek FUN on the slopes.
  • To maintain the highest quality standards for our products.
  • To provide the best customer service possible.
  • And to tell our truth regarding our educational journey through the patent process, maybe providing information to others that might be contemplating a similar journey.